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FAQ Hair Restoration

  • What is PRP hair restortation?? 

    • PRP Platelet Rich Plasma is something that can be injected into the scalp consisting of growth factors from your own blood. When injected into the scalp, PRP can help stimulate hair regrowth

  • How does PRP work for hair growth?​​

    • PRP has growth factors stimulates hair growth by enhancing proliferation and survival of hair follicles. It also increase blood flow so the follicles get more nutrients

  • Are there risks or side effects? 

    • PRP Hair restoration has little downtime and is minimal invasive compared to grafting. There can be minor swelling and bruising but this goes away quickly

  • How long are results of PRP?

    •  Result can take up to three months with three treatments but results can last for 6 to 12 months Maintenance is once or twice a year

  • Is scalp injections painful?

    •  There is numbing agent that can be used to help with comfort. A special three headed needle is used for a quicker treatment. 

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